Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Some great news!

Hi everyone. Thanks so much for your phone calls and emails over the past few days. Sorry we haven't been able to touch base with everyone, but your support is much appreciated.

We had a 6:30am appointment in Philly this morning. The genetic test results for chromosome 3 were normal (diploidy)! This indicates a better prognosis. Dr. Shields took time to answer all of our questions and again stressed the importance of keeping a strong immune system, staying active and eating well.

As far as the right eye goes, the scar looked good. A little fluid was still seen behind the retina--although a lot less than two months ago. The fluid is likely causing the flashes, micropsia and edema. We got the okay to ease off of the eye drops though.

So, it's been a great morning. We are thankful and feel like some anxiety has been lifted. Tomorrow we meet with the oncologist (Dr. Sato) for the first time (also in Philly).

Thanks again for all your support!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

PET scan-tastic!

Mark's PET scan last week was, as radiologists like to report, "unremarkable." To us that means "FANTASTIC!" No evidence that the cancer has spread. He's also getting more vision back -- We are eager for him to be off the drops, especially the dilating drop, for him to really gain use of his eye again.

We are getting our questions ready for our 4-month follow-up trip to Philly in about a week!! This is a two-day visit with several appointments. It's also when we will learn the pathology results. We still haven't received these in the mail, although we might before the trip. Results aside, I hope we come away with clarity about the decisions we will continue to make along this journey. Even routine surveillance is filled with issues like "what test(s)?" and "how often?"

We saw a documentary on TLC recently called 'Crazy, Sexy, Cancer.' It was filmed over four years by a 31 yr old filmmaker named Kris Carr who had been diagnosed with a rare cancer. I don't think it is set to air again, but she does have a website http://www.crazysexycancer.com/ and there is a link to the trailer. The show was featured in the news too. We definitely related to a lot of the feelings she expressed about being a young adult with cancer. I love how she signs her blog..."Peace, veggies, and lots of love." :-)